KX3 RX Sideband Supression using the Elecraft XG3 Signal Generator – fully automatically Method

With the help of this little Windows Program and an ELCRAFT XG3 Signal Generator, you can do the alignement of the unwanted sideband of the KX3 RX completely automatically.

Here’s how to use the „Setup_KX3_RxSbNull…“ program:

Download the „Setup_KX3_RxSbNull…“ Prg and tun it. The Setup program which will install „RxSbNull“ in your PC and put an Icon ob your desktop..

Have your KX3 and XG3 connected via serial cables to your PC with it powered on, check the COM Port numbers for both devices.
Set the Baudrate of KX3 to 38400
Connect the Coaax Output of the XG3 to Antenna port of KX3

Run RxSbNull from the new desktop „RxSbNull“ icon.

The program will let you set the correct COMM port to connect to your KX3 and XG3. It will then run the KX3’s internal RXSBNUL function on all bands and filters.

The programm dor download Setup_KX3_RxSbNull_1-0-3